Examine your erection

Examine your erection

What caused your erectile problems?

If you experience erection problems, try to conduct a little survey yourself. Test may help you clarify the underlying disorder reason. Was it a physical or a mental problem? Stamp test, which is also called nocturnal penile tumescence, will answer your question. It may be carried out at home and demands no any expencive equipment. This test helps to reveal what exactly causes erectile problems. Despite of the fact that generally it is always recommended to start from a professional medical examinations, many doctors do not have any objections against this test and even recommend it to their patients.

How does the test work?

As it was found by experts of the University of California, the ordinary man has at least three erections during night time. For assuring that you experience spontaneous erections while sleeping, you may take a special test. It is obvious that sexual disorders might be caused by emotional, not physical problems. Thus test helps to prove these factors (if physical functioning is normal).

There are few ways to make nocturnal penile tumescence. Available and reliable option is (NPT) – nocturnal penile tumescence testing, a RigiScan home device. It may show that your erectile function has normal physiological condition.

A RigiScan is a portable device that examines the presence of night erection. The battery-powered unit is strapped up the hip. Its loops are connected to a small motor. One loop has a contact with the base of the penis while another is located before the penile glans. During the night the device registers blood flow in penis and measures its ability to resist flexion or buckling.

Measures can be done few times. Each registration is saved in the machine data base. Thus doctor may analyze them and make conclusion.

Another test device helps to distinguish physical reasons from psychological. This is the Penile Plethysmograph. The device measures an individual response to a sexual arousal. Test procedure includes glancing or listening erotic material (including pornography). Penile cuffs register pulse volume and send them to a recorder.

These home tests are considered to be accurate and quite available. Also it is a perfect choice for those who still feels embarrassed about discussing his problems with a doctor.

Preparation before an Erection Self-Test

For accurate results it’s better to by four to six stamps. Postage stamps have proper adhesive material on their back. Though, simple strips of paper are also convenient. A perfect size is one inch or more. A length should be long enough to wrap your “examinee” with an overlap. The paper may be secured by a one inch length piece of tape.

You need to exclude caffeine, alcohol or any other relaxants and stimulants 48 hours before the examination. It is necessary to avoid them for a good sleeping quality.

How the test is performed?


Wear boxer brief and get enough stamps or strips for rolling your examinee. Then wet one of the stamps and wrap it around your penis (it should be flaccid). If paper will be snug enough, the stamp will break apart during an erection. To not disturb a stamp with movements it is better to sleep on your back.

After third night self-testing should give accurate results. Check that the set of stamps is broken in the morning. If it is your physical erection factors work properly. Such self-tests are not associated with any risks and indicate physical problems quite firmly.

What to do after getting results?

If you will find out that underlying of your erectile disorder is physical, of course it’s better to go to a physician. The positive result can indicate serious heart and blood vascular disorders, thus you should not ignore the problem.
If test shows that physically you are able to have an erection, you may seek for a good sexual therapist. If the reason of male sexual failure is psychological, doctor can direct you to a good sexologist or psychologist or recommend you a proper mental treatment.